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Integrated Health Psychology

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Life is a constant journey of growing and shaping

who we are and who we want to be …..




At Integrated Health Psychology, we focus on each individual and bring empathy and understanding to your life’s journey.


We realise that your journey may have been marked by the frustration of years of less than optimal treatments and unresolved pain or trauma.


Our point of difference is that our integrated approach centres on the whole person: your chronic pain or trauma is considered in the context of your own life and experiences.


We know that chronic pain and trauma are impacted by genetics, underlying lifestyle contributors, daily activities, social interactions and the environment. We also know  that chronic pain cannot necessarily be solved by drugs and surgery alone.


In taking a functional approach towards optimal health, we work with you as you learn and put into practice a range of self-help strategies to reduce the distress and disability caused by pain or trauma and to expand preventative strategies for the journey ahead.


We work closely with other health professionals using the most recent evidence-based therapies in an integrated biopsychosocial approach.


You can expect a caring, professional and practical experience to support you in restoring and strengthening your well-being, your exercise and movement, your sleep and rest, and your family, work and social interactions.












The two most important days in your life are ......


the day you are born


the day you find out why


Mark Twain


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